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TunHub - Online Laboratory is an initiative from TunHub GmbH, formerly known as Global Emotion GmbH.

Global Emotion GmbH was founded in 2007 to bridge science and society; a company specialized in converting scientific findings from psychological experiments into blended e-learning and computer based trainings.

We created a Top-20 scientific iPhone App and with a product such as Decoding Chinese Faces, Global Emotion GmbH was awarded with the German Multimedia Award (Deutschen Multimedia Award), the Future Award (Zukunftsaward) and the European Multimedia Awards Quality Seal.

For seven years, Global Emotion GmbH has been improving the collaboration between researchers and market players, and streamlining the innovation pipeline between research, development and customers. With this experience in mind, we created "TunHub" in order to give other researchers the opportunity to manage their research professionally and sell and market their own scientific findings to society.

Micro Expression Training Cross-Cultural eLearning Online Laboratory for Behavioral Sciences
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- Learn to detect 7 key emotions

- Micro-Expression Training

- Top 20-App in Germany

- 87% Reliability Rate

- Improving Negotiations with China

- Volkswagen, Bayer, Lanxess Clients

- Bridging science and society

- 7-year experience to manage and sell scientifc findings

- International Consortium of scientists