Knowledge Base: Researchers

Knowledge Base - Researchers

My Dashboard

Managers view on most important performance indicators


Data Collection

Complete Research Management Process for conducting studies


Code Questionnaire

Create and manage most sophisticated surveys

Recruit Participants

Invite actively participants and send group-email to them, integrating all relevant information in it.

Discover others' studies

See what others are doing, find new research parters by tag search and participate in your colleagues studies

Pay & Approve Participants

Deny Participant's payments, rate participant performances

Data Presentation

All about creating reports, displaying data and managing customer reports.


Groups & Access Control

Create Groups, Invite participants and researchers in groups, restrict visibility


Create Groups

Group Creation is at the heart of managing visibility of your studies and of participation recruitment.

Add researchers to group

Add researchers to your group by just adding their email-addresses.

Add participants to group

Upload list of participants into your group to communicate with them in bulk and define visibility.